Hello, I hope you’re HUNGRY!

Hello, My name is Christopher Look, henceforth known as Trash Panda, and I love food. I have been a chef for 18 years and I’ve learned quite a lot about food preparation and exploration in that time. I decided to start this blog as an outlet for my creative cooking style. During these times of pandemic and quarantine I believe that a lot of people are finding time to cook at home. The question is, What do we even cook?

I don’t know about you, but I am often guilty of staring at a well stocked fridge, or cabinet and declaring that “there’s nothing to eat!” Preparing food can be stressful, time consuming, or just plain overwhelming if you don’t have the motivation. Never fear, Trash Panda is here to help you find the tasty meal potential lying in your fridges and cupboards, waiting for you to help them be realized.

I will be taking you on a journey through my own lavish larder limbo. Follow me as we see where my creativity takes me as the reserves of food dwindle and I start to experiment with new and fun combinations the world has never seen! Just hit that Blog button up above to see my latest posts.

But wait, there’s more! I’m opening up my inbox for requests. Don’t know what to cook? Overwhelmed by the contents of your fridge or cabinet? Think there really is “nothing to eat” in your house. Send me a picture of your fridge or cabinet or send me a list of what you’ve got on hand. My email is trashpandaepl@gmail.com I’ll do my best to hit you right in the taste buds with whatever recipe ideas I can come up with that use what you’ve got on hand. Together we can learn and grow fat upon our experimental food creations. Then, as is tradition, we nap.

*Updated Every Friday*

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